Castellum - Kvateret Druvan 22

Yellon is a parallel commission for the design of Kvarteret Druvan in Linköping on behalf of Castellum. Located in Linköping's inner city, the area is of national cultural interest. The site is one of the historical entrances to the city center, with Storgatan as a centuries-old artery. The block links the inner city, Stångån and the new travel centre.

Our proposal, based on Linköping’s Architecture Program, connects the new block with the city, culture and society. Well integrated into the urban fabric, it reinforces the character with elegant timeless architecture in harmony with the city’s architectural history.

Influenced by the city’s architectural and cultural-historical values, Kvarteret Druvan blends in yet brings new life to the area. Innovative with a distinct modern design language, the scaled-down and varied character arouses interest and curiosity.

Through its form and content, the block is a sustainable and inclusive catalyst enabling encounters between people. This contributes to Linköping’s positive urban development and unites the city’s many functions, expressions and experiences.

The seven interwoven volumes have an urban approach to facades facing the streets. Along Hamngatan, a slightly inclined volume aligns with the street’s direction. A recessed volume parallel to Hamngatan’s continuation creates a space marking the entrance to Storgatan. Along Storgatan and Snickaregatan, the buildings have recessed top floors and scale to surrounding buildings to provide good lighting conditions in both street spaces.

The volumes have a cohesive geometry and a core with classic triple facades. A two-storey high base faces Hamngatan/Storgatan, and a one-storey base faces Snickaregatan. The middle is adapted to the surroundings, while the end adheres to a common principle complemented by recessed floors.

The eastern part of the block contains city center operations and offices designed for maximum rental flexibility. The office building has four main staircases with entrances from the street and the yards.

The western part towards Snickaregatan houses residences, with city center operations on the ground floor. The residential volume, oriented in a north-south direction to optimize daylight conditions for both the street and the courtyard, provides attractive small one-sided apartments.