This is Yellon

We believe in the strength of multidimensional thinking. Simply because every aspect of a brand communicates. Our unique mix allows us to take a grasp that truly innovates products and places. And that’s why our architecture, design and communication mean more business for our clients.

Our corporation was founded in 1989 in Jönköping. Today, the company is owned by the Leijonberg and Hansen families, as well as Dan Ekelund, our chairman. Markus Leijonberg is the CEO. In total, we are over 70 people located in Jönköping, Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg.

At Yellon, there is a wide and diversified range of skills. We are business developers, architects, Art Directors, BIM designers, structural engineers, copywriters, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, industrial designers, interior architects, interior designers, junior ADs, motion designers, project managers, editors, strategists, stylists, 3D visualizers, and web developers.

Our Core Values

All people are valuable. Striving for diversity, accessibility, and equality in everything we do is part of our core values.

At Yellon, we don’t believe in bosses. Instead, we believe in group dynamics. In everyone finding their own way based on interest and ambition, as it gives better results. We are a culturally driven organization without hierarchy, where everyone can, and is encouraged to, engage in, lead, and develop projects, business, the company, the team, and themselves in everyday life. If you want to work here, be prepared to take initiative, express your opinions freely, be humble, and have a lot of fun without traditional organizational models.

Innovating products and places

Architecture / Urban Planning / Store Concepts / Interior Design / Furniture Design / Trade Shows / Brand Strategy / Logo & Identity / Communication / Film & Photography / Web / Social Media / Packaging Design / Visualization & 3D / Design Strategy / Design


Yellon creates immersive and branding building architecture. We design urban environments, buildings, and interiors in close collaboration with our clients, creating conditions for successful results. We have extensive experience in carrying out projects internationally, nationally, and locally, at all scales and stages, from early program studies to detailed design. Examples of projects include master plans, housing, educational facilities, commercial properties for trade, office and hotel businesses, as well as public buildings such as museum and courthouse structures.

Many of the projects often involve advanced logistics and a very complex program. We offer everything from concepts to detailed architectural design that communicates your brand.

All projects are developed with respect for functional, ethical, environmental, and not least, economic aspects. We work with concept sketches, visualizations, program documents, system documents, building permits, construction documents, relations documents, local manuals, interiors, workplace research, lectures, training, and consulting.


Yellon analyzes the qualities, functions, and aesthetic characteristics that future products need to meet your business goals and stay within the framework of your brand strategy. Maintaining a practical point of view, we always consider your production process. By clarifying the connection between the brand, the business, the vision, the target audience, and the environment, we help you develop an implementation plan and a design manual where design functions as a strategic tool to create the identity of your product portfolio.

We develop products and interaction design that communicate your brand through form, function, and innovation. When designing products, we cover everything from design strategy, design manual, concepts, design documentation, construction documentation, request documentation, manufacturing documentation, modeling, prototyping, consulting, research, and training. Our deep knowledge of construction, materials, and production means that we have a good understanding of economic processes. All of this is done in close collaboration with you as the client, which creates conditions for a successful result.

Yellon has extensive experience in mechanical design and can deliver everything from concepts to construction documentation, manufacturing documentation, modeling, and prototyping.

Our long experience in construction, materials, and production means that we have a good understanding of economic processes. Close collaboration with prototype manufacturers also streamlines the process up to production.


Yellon develops advertising that communicates your brand in a relevant and interesting way to your target audience. The focus is always on finding long-term sustainable concepts and effective solutions. All of this is done in close collaboration with you as the client, which creates conditions for a successful result. In addition to concepts, we also assist you in creating a communication plan and develop, produce, and administer all campaign units for digital, motion and printed media.

Yellon can easily and efficiently handle both large and small projects from concept to finished film/photo.

Sometimes, we handle this in-house with our own photographers and videographers. Among other things, we have extensive experience in producing commercials, explainer videos, instructional videos, animations, visualizations, and 3D. You can see a broader selection of our film productions here. For larger productions or specific techniques, we collaborate closely with external photographers and production companies.

Yellon develops strategies, plans, and engaging, relationship-building content. Our specialty is enhancing the conversion rate by having PR and social media work together with SEO, SEM, and the website. When needed, we also handle the practical management of ongoing PR and social media.