Riksbyggen - Brf Prostkvarnen

Located on the elevated heights of Dalvik in Jönköping, Brf Prostkvarnen is a residential building with 54 apartments spread over ten floors. Yellon has designed and planned the building and produced interior and exterior visualizations as well as apartment selectors within the project. In 2020, the building was awarded Stadsbyggnadspriset in the category of Good Architecture.


On a centrally located parking lot within a residential area from the 1960s, Riksbyggen wanted to place a building with an innovative expression that distinguishes itself from the otherwise homogeneous development of residential blocks and apartment buildings.


We created a residential building that contrasts and complements the existing structure with its form and identity. This residential building provides added value not only to the residents but also to anyone within the area. Brf Prostkvarnen both blends in and stands out in its natural surroundings.

Like a tree in winter attire, the square stem of the building is enveloped by undulating balconies with white balustrades. The stem’s facade is made of charred wood using a traditional Japanese method, Shou Sugi Ban, which preserves and creates a resilient surface that is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. The central location makes Brf Prostkvarnen a focal point in the streetscape, visible from most parts of Jönköping. One of the project’s ambitions has been to maintain a sense of openness in the streetscape and to preserve the views for residents in neighboring buildings as much as possible. Equally important was ensuring that as many apartments as possible in Brf Prostkvarnen offer magnificent views.

The residential building features a range of apartment sizes, from one-bedroom to four-bedroom units. The larger apartments (two rooms or more) are placed in the corners of the building, where residents can enjoy glazed balconies and a detached balcony running the length of the apartment in two directions. The undulating balconies create opportunities for better sun exposure and usability. The one-bedroom apartments are centrally located between the larger units and have balconies facing east or west. All apartments offer excellent sightlines, open spatial connections, and generous natural light.

Dalvik is a ten-minute bike ride from the center of Jönköping, and the nearby area includes the Hallby outdoor area and the inviting lake Axamo. Perfect for those seeking an active lifestyle in the midst of nature. Brf Prostkvarnen is centrally located on Dalviksringen, a residential circle that surrounds one of the area’s higher hills. Around the circle, there is a mix of buildings, ranging from late 1960s multi-unit structures to rectangular apartment blocks.

Rationale for Stadsbyggnadspriset "Good Architecture" 2020

A strong architectural expression is achieved with simple means. With detailing beyond the ordinary and a unique silhouette, the project strengthens the 1950s district of Dalvik. The building lands admirably in a well-designed green courtyard area with integrated ramps, and upon entering, one is greeted by a thoughtfully designed entrance and a communal space with a view over Prostkvarnsdammen.

This is a very stylish project where details and material choices take center stage. The arch form is skillfully and consistently used as a design element to create dynamism. Well-designed elegant floor plans, lengthy balconies, and numerous passages between outdoor and indoor spaces offer qualities reminiscent of villas.

The exterior wall is clad with charred wood panels for protection. The rectangular ribs of the balcony railing are carefully chosen to create the facade expression. Here, architectural excellence is presented!