Smart Eye - Product launches

Smart Eye develops AI-technology that understands, supports, and predicts human behaviors. The technology is used in research and education, but primarily to make the vehicles of future generations even safer. We have embodied the brand and ensured a clear and consistent expression across all touchpoints.


Smart Eye is a pioneer and leader in the industry, especially for those who settle for nothing but the best, as confirmed by the level of technology and the customer list. Our challenge was to convey and reinforce the premium experience of their groundbreaking excellence in every interaction with both products and brand.


As a long-standing design partner to Smart Eye, Yellon has gained a deep understanding of the brand, which has formed the basis for the design of products, films, physical environments, and digital experiences. Design is a vital part of the development culture at Smart Eye.


We have designed several products and a significant part of the hardware that can read human movements in complex environments. This includes eye trackers like AI-X, AIS, and Aurora.


The packaging is a branding extension of the product. An opportunity to make a good first impression, and to confirm the customer’s investment in a premium product. In the packaging design, we have placed great emphasis on materials, sustainability, and creating an enjoyable unboxing experience.

Trade shows

For CES 2020, we designed an interactive module with built-in experiences to present Smart Eye and their products. We assisted them with concept, product design, UX design, prototypes, visualizations, and film material.

Digital experience

We have elevated the digital experience of Smart Eye to a new level by taking responsibility for designing and producing everything from image-enhancing content and launch campaigns to materials for employees and investors. We provided UI/UX, films, animations, motion graphics, and renderings.