CA Fastigheter - Gasverket

CA Fastigheter has been a client for many years. We collaborate on strategic brand issues as well as destination and project marketing. To put the Gasverket in Norra Djurgårdsstaden on the map, we developed a website that serves as a gateway to the present and the future.


Significant investments have been made in preserving and renovating the historic buildings within Gasverket, a mere 10 minutes from the center of Stockholm. We needed to make sure potential tenants discover the advantages and create interest in following further development.


To reflect Gasverket's uniqueness, we created a graphic identity that aligns with the area's character and is optimized for both digital and analog communication, for example signage.

History is central to conveying the area’s character and also for putting reuse, sustainable urban development and management into a natural context.

Our experiences from establishing and selling previous projects were channeled into UX.

As Gasverket is planned to be completely ready by 2029/2030, the website was developed to show current developments and events, and to manage upcoming stages.


Activities and events calendar motivate potential tenants and stakeholders to revisit the website for updates.