Nordic Parks – BLOOM

We were commissioned by Nordic Parks to develop a new modular series of nature-inspired play furniture in sustainable materials.


Architects and landscape architects are in need of simplified play furniture that can be adapted to the surroundings. For a long time, there have essentially been only three styles of play furniture to choose from: raw materials from nature, colorful laminates, or cold steel constructions.


BLOOM is a green path to harmonious urban spaces. With its flexibility and humble appearance, this Svanen-labeled series leaves room for both architects' and playing children's imagination and creativity.

Natural shapes for imaginative play

BLOOM is scalable and includes everything from small huts and sandboxes to slides and climbing frames for the adventurous. The first manufactured units are designed for preschool-age children. The scale and function have been adapted for 1-3-year-olds’ desire to conquer the world, 3-5-year-olds’ imaginative play, and 5-7-year-olds’ role-playing.

Design with a circular perspective

The entire series is delivered in flat packages and assembled on-site. The structure is based on environmentally labeled, biocide-free wood from OrganoWood, where a silica-based impregnation will give the wood a beautifully silver-gray surface over time. The series is designed with a circular perspective, where each detail is carefully selected and mostly locally produced. Bloom is the first Svanen-labeled play furniture series in wood.

Geometry in harmony

Its natural tones blend into most environments, just like the module elements composed of simple geometric shapes: square, circle, and right-angled triangle with a base dimension of 1 meter. Each shape can be divided into halves and quarters and is available in straight, pointed, or round silhouette.

The centerpiece of the playground

The climbing frame named Climb gives children the opportunity to challenge and improve their climbing skills. The net offers a gentler way up, while the climbing wall provides more resistance. At the top of the fort, the reward awaits – sliding down the fire pole.

Higher, higher!

A swing set is a must on a playground, inviting big and small children alike to participate in activity. Bloom Swing is a classic swing set in a new take.