Sievert - Product Family

To ensure that today's products stay at the forefront in technology, functionality, and branding across over 60 countries, Sievert has worked diligently with strategic product design and communication together with Yellon.


The products harmonize with the graphic profile and are based on a gray/black palette complemented by an orange accent color. The design language conveys industrial power and innovation in a cohesive and sleek visual expression. Rubber, hard plastic, and slim dimensions provide both better grip and lower weight. Controls and functions have been developed and made more intuitive for simplified use.


Sievert AB is a global leader specializing in high-quality heat tools for professional users. The company has been in Sweden since 1882 and has been part of the Rothenberger Group since 2003.

Powerful Heat Gun

DW 3000, the market’s most ergonomic and powerful heat gun, has revolutionized the market by nearly splitting its weight in half while retaining its power.

Burners with Power

Powerjet’s long grip rests against the gas cylinder and protects the bottle neck from cracks and leakage in case of a fall. The on/off control has been complemented with a lock that also serves as a safety feature to prevent accidental ignition. The burners are easily interchangeable for different applications.

Blowtorch for the consumer market

The small yet powerful Handyjet blowtorch is easily ignited with a button, making this flexible product user-friendly even for household consumers.