JKPG Fast - Science Park Towers

Science Park Towers is a parallel commission, including adhering to an initiated detailed plan and refining the volume configuration into a sustainable whole. Due to its height, the building is a landmark for the university campus, connecting Science Park, Jönköping University and the city.

The first three floors are mostly public spaces and function as a living room and a multidimensional spatial indoor hallway to Science Park House and Jönköping University. The building opens in all directions. The active ground floor brings life to the urban space, with a restaurant and lounges facing the streets and the courtyard.

During the process, it was clear that the project would benefit from a cohesive communication concept. “A new level” was based on the visioning work for Science Park Towers’ content. With this foundation, consensus was achieved around interiors and content execution. The concept also helped to clarify the new building’s role for the future of the area, the city and the region.

Science Park Towers interacts with the area’s historical brick buildings yet stands out as landmark across the city. The facade's depth creates a distinct solid character with interesting shadow play.

Science Park Towers was inaugurated in 2023 and is now a meeting place for sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. Besides offices, it offers conference, training and event spaces, a restaurant and lounges for exhibitions and co-working.