Working strategically for operational success – and why shortcuts easily become the long way around.

There seems to be a misunderstanding in the business world that there is a contradiction between strategy and implementation. But the fact is that strategic work is the generator that drives the whole machinery. Strategy is a prerequisite for the operational work, and in the next step – for your success.

Long-term strategic work is necessary and it’s always wise to do some thinking before you start anything. Nevertheless, surprisingly many people use the present and today’s status as their compass when they decide the course for their company. But making ad hoc decisions, without analysis and insight, is high-risk gambling which can have devastating consequences in the long run. When every problem is solved in isolation, it’s easy to forget about your long-term goal. The most recently spoken words quickly become the rule of the business – and the analysis frequently doesn’t stretch further than from one day to the next. The consequence is a crooked path of activities which keep employees busy but neither move mountains nor steer the company in the right direction towards common goals.

But, isn’t it good to make things happen?

In many corporate cultures, doers often have fast ideas and ‘make things happen’ and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in order to make really good and quick operational decisions, there needs to be a long-term strategy. A strategy to agree upon, that points out a common direction and makes it easy to develop the right offer. That attracts new and old customers and creates common goals that enhance cooperation within the group. When everyone is working in the same direction, motivation and inspiration increase. And when success comes, as it does when strategic and operational work merge, the team shares the pride and the internal culture grows strong.

So what’s the gist?

Working strategically, based on knowledge of the current situation and the future, will help you make the right decisions. With insights, we can develop solutions, offers and communication methods that will satisfy the market and the customers’ exact needs. Then we develop the range (and offer) that customers demand even before they have asked for it. By working strategically, we give ourselves the opportunity to always stay a step ahead.

The result will be a strong and consistent company that develops and strengthens its position and, through its knowledge of the market and its customers, continuously adds the right benefits. And when demand increases, the company can grow and gain more market share – and your success is a fact.

There will be more information soon.

In a world of more competition and tougher demands, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep track of direction and goals in order to stick to the set strategy. That is, to work strategically. Soon, we at Yellon will invite you to a seminar where we share our knowledge of working strategically. So keep an eye out and sign up and we’ll see you!