To attend or not to attend? It’s no longer the question

Sweden is at the forefront when it comes to technology and Internet use. As a country, we are perceived as an ‘early adopter’ to which major international companies and corporates turn to test new technology and fresh products. A mature and open-minded target audience.

But how skilled are the Swedish companies in communicating with this open-minded target audience? So-so. Digitalisation is constantly talked about and many companies wonder when and where it will happen. But why wait for something that has already happened?

Digitalisation is now part of everyday life. The Internet has become such a big and natural part of the Swedish lifestyle that we no longer think about it. The fact that companies are not present on platforms which people use multiple times daily is to miss the goal. The wide-open goal.

But just being digitally present isn’t much better than not being present at all. As a company, it’s important to take control of, structure and plan one’s digital presence. Consumers expect companies and brands to be digital and close at hand.

‘We are digital and we have a plan, time to count the business deals.’ Not yet, but soon! There’s another important thing to remember. No matter what decisions we make and how sensible we believe we are, our feelings will always control our decisions. Digitalisation has given greater access to data, which means a smarter way to find specific information about potential or existing consumers. The key to succeeding in one’s digital presence and marketing is to possess the ability to transform the collected data into emotions. Since, in the end, it’s feelings that determine one’s decision. A sensible approach in our opinion.