Sandvik – Launch Campaign

Super duplex is one of the toughest and most durable materials that exist. And Sandvik is the first in the world to 3D print in this material, a story that Yellon helped create.


Sandvik's target audience is well aware of the unbeatable material properties of super duplex. It is widely tested and used in marine environments and offshore applications, among others. However, not many people know that Sandvik is now able to 3D print details and components in super duplex.


Yellon's task was to create a launch campaign with messages and images that appeal to the target audience. With a focus on technical knowledge, spiced with a touch of humor, we created the campaign "Super duplex just got even more super."

The campaign film starts in the extreme environment where super duplex is used and ends in Sandvik’s production lab, where small components are 3D printed in this unbeatable material.

Sandvik’s long-term brand promise, “the right partner is everything,” has its natural place in the campaign.