Arcoma – Precision i5

With time-saving features such as auto-positioning and a touch-based display, Arcoma's Precision i5 sets an entirely new standard for advanced X-ray equipment.


Medical equipment gives us an outstanding opportunity to work with high-tech possibilities in a human-centered context. The main challenge is to free up valuable time for staff using the X-ray system – from installation to patient examination and cleaning.


A generous, tiltable glass display with touch capabilities and the unique 360-handle that promotes both cleaning and operation, regardless of the working position. Special emphasis was placed on interaction design to create a natural workflow for overall positioning, controlled maneuvering, and precise fine-tuning.

Controlling the Precision i5 is possible both remotely and from the device itself. On the back of the 360-handle, there are release buttons that naturally allows you to maneuver the entire system when gripping it.

The fine-tuning controls are centrally placed, creating a natural hierarchy. The LED indicator that signals the system's status is positioned to provide passive light that doesn’t disturb the user.

In addition to product development, Yellon has provided marketing materials in the form of high-resolution renderings and instructional video sequences.