Pone Biometrics – Unifying Business Development

Did you know that 70 percent of all security breaches in corporate IT systems occur through employees' mobile phones, computers, or tablets? Pone Biometrics' authentication solution puts an end to this. Yellon managed the realization of production and developed the launch campaign.


OFFPAD's biometric technology enables users to easily access their data without compromising the security of the IT system. The design needed to be user-friendly and exude quality at its fingertips. As future plans are extensive, a name strategy was required to allow for more products to be added to the portfolio. And given that many cybersecurity solution providers paint a threatening picture, it was crucial for the communication regarding the innovation to have a positive approach.


We assembled an international team that worked on business development and industrialization of the technical solution, prototypes, tool manufacturing, and design. Yellon contributed all the way from working samples to mass production. In addition to business developers, industrial designers, and project managers, the team also included a copywriter, art director, and developer. This multidisciplinary approach ensured the design and communication to form a cohesive expression that reflected the desired values. The communication solution included a new company name, new logo and visual identity, website, and external launch.

Business Development

Yellon was a driving force in business and product development, working seamlessly with Pone Biometrics.


A simple name strategy was developed. Based on associations with what the technology accomplishes – opens – and with a small cryptologic twist, the company name became Pone Biometrics, while the product became OFFPAD.

Product Design

OFFPAD is the size of a smart card and almost as thin. It’s used separately from other devices, such as a mobile phone. However, they are often stored together, which gave the design a visual kinship and dimensions that fit regular card holders. High tactility otherwise permeates the design. Rounded corners make it comfortable to handle. A subtle, elegant dot pattern and black-on-black leather texture enhances the feeling of a premium product. Clear surfaces indicate where the fingerprint is read and where the display is.

Communication Concept

Cybersecurity is usually extremely complex. Pone Biometrics has a different approach. With their help, one doesn’t need to change the entire IT infrastructure, which would otherwise require significant investments. Instead, high security is added to the attacker’s most common entry point without complicating things for the user. The concept, therefore, became “Keep IT simple.”

Visual Identity

The logo is inspired by typical programming typography but has been refined. The soft corners follow the design language of the first product.

Launch and Establishment

Based on the communication concept, the website ponebiometrics.com, film, print ads, presentation, stationery, whitepaper, and content for digital channels were developed. Yellon also continues to assist with managing Pone Biometrics’ LinkedIn page and PR planning.