Ophena – Safety Stirrup

Security and style when Yellon develop magnetic stirrups for Ophena.


In order to reduce the number of injuries in equestrian sports, Ophena wanted to create a new kind of stirrup. This without compromising the high demands for functionality and aesthetics that exist for premium products.


The collaboration resulted in two products, Ophena S and Ophena A. Through magnetism, the rider gains better grip with Ophena S, a grip that releases if they’d fall off to avoid being dragged by the horse. Ophena A retains the traditional design language but is constructed in a way that prevents the rider from getting stuck.

The magnetic insoles in Ophena S can be transferred between boots, allowing the rider to feel secure during both practice and competition. In addition to providing safety, it’s also highly appreciated by users with previous injuries, as the magnetism contributes to a soft responsiveness.

Ophena’s stirrups have received both national and international acclaim. In the Swedish equivalent to Dragon’s Den (“Draknästet”) it attained financial support from one of the dragons, and in the summer of 2022, Ophena S Pro entered an exclusive collaboration with Saint Laurent as part of their Rive Droite collection.

As equestrian sports value tradition and have strict requirements for equipment, we also designed Ophena A. If a fall would occur the outer silicone clasp is released, providing the same safety functionality but with a sophisticated elegance and slightly stricter expression.