Jernhusen – Centralstaden

Centralstaden is the country's most complex urban development project in modern times. We were commissioned by Jernhusen to create a website that explains the project and why it’s of national importance to carry it out now, along with the selected architectural proposal.


Many parties are involved in the development of Centralstaden, so we needed to communicate considering multiple perspectives. This includes the corporate perspective from Jernhusen, the national perspective from the Swedish Transport Administration, the local perspective from the City of Stockholm, and the architectural perspective from the selected architects.


We developed an interactive story where the visitor navigates from the infrastructural problems, through the effects, to the selected proposal and the continuation of the project. This way, we could address a broader audience and create better understanding of both the project and the development proposal.

About Centralstaden

Today, 8 out of 10 Swedish train journeys begin or end in Stockholm. From now until 2045, train traffic is expected to increase by 50%, and Stockholm Central Station risks becoming a bottleneck for all train traffic. It is one of the country’s largest infrastructural challenges, but also a historic opportunity to develop Sweden’s most central meeting place.

Simplifying and Explaining through a Digital Experience

We chose a one-page solution where the visitor scrolls through the project. This allowed us to create a cohesive story in four chapters (A Great Challenge, A Better Place, A Selected Team, A Plan for the Future), where illustrations, features, texts, colors, and shapes could explain each part in an educational way. Curious visitors who wanted to see how Centralstaden might look could navigate through the menu.

"A Natural Part of Stockholm's City Center"

To present the selected proposal, we gradually showcased it in a model of the station area and the city center – from past to present, and onwards to the vision of a place that promotes sustainable travel and gives more reasons to love Stockholm.

Different Requires Different

Centralstaden.se is not a typical web production. To create an interactive experience that tells the story and hints at the future, we put together a team of architects, art directors, copywriters, designers, project managers, strategists, and developers.

Experience the result at centralstaden.se.