Communication concepts

Client: Yara


Yara, market leader in plant nutrition for agriculture, wants to strengthen its position as an agronomic knowledge partner. One link is the nitrogen fertilisation strategy Yield & Protein for high yield and the correct amount of protein in autumn wheat and spring barley. Yellon’s assignment is to develop a long-term overall communication concept for the strategy as well as a campaign to drive traffic to


As a global player and market leader, it is important to convey that the brand has both feet in the Swedish soil. At the same time, nitrogen fertilisation is a complex issue. The challenge was therefore to show the benefits to Swedish farmers in a way that was simple, educational and down-to-earth.


Yellon developed the overall concept of ‘Love Earth Eco-N-omics’, which reflects the farmer’s everyday life in the field. In stages, from early spring to early summer, the campaign then focused on explaining how farmers first should plan the fertiliser strategy for the year, then fertilise efficiently using smart aids and products and finally add more if necessary. Throughout, the campaign, the link between nitrogen use efficiency, harvest, quality, environmental considerations and profitability is addressed. The campaign includes information to both retailers and farmers: ads, digital advertising and materials for


The campaign has been positively received. Measurements show that the observed value of the ads is about 20 percent above the average. But even better is that the members of the target group consider themselves benefiting from the information, want to know more and access the site. Here the measurements are 100 percent above average.