AutoMower 98

Self-propelled lawn mower wins awardedClient: Husqvarna AB

AutoMower, the self-propelled lawn mower, was awarded the design prize from Utmärkt Svensk Form (Excellent Swedish Forms Design Award) in 1999 together with the Volvo S80 and Saab 9-5. Excerpt from the jury’s statement: ‘The AutoMower is a lawn mower we have longed for! It works silently without exhaust gases and charges itself when needed.

It’s extremely simple to install and can, with its large rear wheels, move around easily in the terrain. A low-power loop limits the surface to be cut. The AutoMower can handle a surface area of 1200 square meters. Equipped with anti-theft protection in the form of an audio signal that is triggered if lifted. The whole robot weighs 7 kilos. With thoughtful design and environmental considerations, it predicts the future.