The heart as a driving force for everything

Most people wonder what the meaning of life is. What shall we do to justify our existence? We need an aim to know how to navigate towards the future. This is exactly how purposeful marketing works.

We need to know why we create something to be able to create it. It’s about producing something for the good of it, making it feel right all the way to the bottom of your heart. It’s about how organisations and companies can contribute to society. This is not primarily about increased profitability but about increased customer loyalty and more motivated and happier employees. It’s about building a better world with strong brands – which clearly communicates its purpose. It’s not about pursuing charity with the right hand while making money with the left but to let one’s heart be the driving force in everything.

But for purposeful marketing to work, the purpose must be clear and genuine. It must not be reconstructed. And for the purpose to be fulfilled, both innovation and courage are required.

At Yellon, we have taken a careful step backwards to be able to think one step ahead. We have gathered in cross-functional teams that can take responsibility for the whole process, from idea to implementation. That can ensure that the purpose is not lost during the process. And who don’t lose focus on the goal of solving problems, improving society – and the world.